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School Vouchers and Why They are Not Good for AZ Public Schools

Children’s Action Alliance fought to defeat SB 1431 this legislative session, the expansion of school vouchers, called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, or ESAs. We worked hard to let lawmakers know that this diversion of public dollars into private and religious schools would expand ESA vouchers to every student in Arizona, while leaving public schools behind. The voucher scheme does nothing to address our teacher shortage crisis or improve our crumbling school facilities. But with intensive pressure from Governor Ducey, the universal voucher bill became law after passing by one vote in the Senate and one vote in the House.

We are proud to be working with Save Our Schools Arizona, a statewide, grassroots group of parents and educators who are collecting signatures on a petition to put SB1431 on the 2018 ballot so that voters have the chance to overturn it.

You can help Save Our Schools succeed by August 1:

*Visit today to donate or volunteer! Volunteers are needed to carry petitions, perform data entry, verify signatures, transport petitions, etc. There is room for everyone to help.

*Sign the petition! You can find daily events in every corner of our state on Facebook.

Please get involved to support public education!

Click here to get our new policy brief that explains the dangers of ESA vouchers.


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