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Senate Votes to Increase Funding For CPS, Child Care and Grandparents Stipend

On Thursday, May 16, 2013, the Arizona Senate voted to restore and expand Medicaid coverage for adults as Governor Brewer and dozens of community groups have been supporting.

In addition, they also voted to increase critical funding for abused and neglected children.  These increases include:

  • $4 million for Children Support Services.  The original legislation did not include any increase for Children Support Services.  (CAA called for $10 million.)
  • $4 million for Child Care.  The original legislation provided an increase of $5 million; the amendment brings the increase to $9 million.  (CAA supported the Governor’s plan which included $9 million.)
  • $1 million for Grandparents Stipend.  This provides the funding needed to support a monthly $75 stipend for qualified grandparents raising their grandchildren. (CAA called for $1 million.)

Other changes increased parity funding for the universities and added $4.5 million to the Department of Education’s budget for adult education.  You can read the full CAA comparison between the Governor’s budget and the Senate budget here.  The Senate budget plan has now moved onto the House.


CAA has set up an thank you email campaign to thank the 19 senators who voted in favor of this budget plan.  Enter your info into the constituent fields and, if you live in one of the 19 targeted districts, your senator will receive you note of appreciation.

7 Responses to “Senate Votes to Increase Funding For CPS, Child Care and Grandparents Stipend”

  1. rexanne hughes-russey says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you all are doing to get this all to go through. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • rexanne hughes-russey says:

      Thank you so much for all the hard work you all have done for all of us grandparent’s and children

  2. Laura E. Jasso says:

    Honorable Senator Bradley, Thank you for your continual support of the children of Arizona by voting yes on the budget plan. Laura E. Jasso Co chair of Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors

  3. Thank you for supporting our kids and families in Arizona!

  4. Dear Senators,
    I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for voting on this bill.I am a young grandmother who had to take custody of her grandson because my son has tramatic brain injury. I have fought to keep him out of foster care and now I have guardianship. He has special needs and the journey of taking care of him will be long. I find then I am starting motherhood all over again. When my journey began he was 8 months old and I had no resources I didn’t quite fit in the guidelines of the various support systems and programs. I have had to leave employment several times to accommodate his needs. I have been searching for places that would or could help and my search was very limited.Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative me and my grandson are for your help and your support.God bless you

  5. Rene' Kuehne says:

    That you for your vote to make funds available in stipends for grandparents who have stepped in and up to care for and raise grandchildren with the love and support of ‘family’; many of whom have limited funds and every little extra helps.

    I have been a grandparent guardian for over 15 years and I, personally, appreciate your seeing the important part we play in these children’s lives and our need for assistance.


    Rene’ A. Kuehne

  6. Doris Gilder says:

    Thank you for your support for grandparents in making possible the $75 stipend. This will make a welcome difference in many childrens’ lives. As an Arizona Grandparent Ambassador advocating for grandparents and making trips to be heard in Phoenix, I applaud all those who made this possible.

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