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Speak Up for Abused and Neglected Kids…

The surge in children suffering from neglect and the number of children in foster care has created glaring gaps in Arizona’s child safety system. New funding is needed to expand the system’s capacity.

The Governor’s budget proposal for FY14 is the minimum needed for child safety. Budget negotiations are just beginning to heat up between the Governor and the legislature and some legislators are saying they don’t think CPS should get the full amount.

send your message kidYour senator and representatives need to hear from you about the critical need for CPS funding.

Please send an email today asking your lawmakers to support Governor Brewer’s $77.6 million budget for child safety. This includes both CPS staffing and the tools necessary to respond in the most basic, fundamental way to the growing number of neglected children and children in foster care.

Click here for more information on the Governor’s budget for child safety.

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