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HB 2535: Voice Your Opposition to Putting Guns in the Path of Foster Kids

Kids can’t speak out for themselves but YOU can help make their voices heard through Children’s Action Alliance.

Please take a moment to email your representatives to urge them to vote NO on this dangerous bill, HB 2535.

Foster parents must meet a range of training requirements and safety standards to earn a state license. This license allows them the privilege and responsibility of caring for abused and neglected children in the state’s custody and getting financial reimbursement from the state.

These rules include safe gun storage – keeping guns unloaded and storing guns and ammunition in locked containers. HB 2535 would prohibit the Department of Child Safety from enforcing any rules at all for gun safety or storage for foster parents. Without safety regulations, guns could be in the path of children in their foster homes – putting in danger children who have already been victims of abuse or neglect.

Current safety standards for guns in foster homes fully protect the constitutional rights of all foster parents to own guns. In fact, these rules mirror the fundamental gun safety principles of the National Rifle Association, including “always keeping guns unloaded until ready to use” and “storing guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized people.” (NRA Gun Safety Rules, NRA.org)

Voice your opposition to HB 2535 by sending an email to your representatives by clicking here. Simply fill in the fields and your email will be directed to your legislators based on your address and zip code.

Don’t let Arizona lawmakers put guns in the path of our foster kids.