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TAKE ACTION: Tell Governor Brewer to REALLY Fix CPS

It was reported yesterday that 6,000 calls for help to Child Protective Services have gone uninvestigated. That means that the safety of more than 6,000 children at risk of being assaulted and neglected is unknown. This is an outrage.

Add to those 6,000 uninvestigated cases more than 10,000 existing cases that haven’t been managed in 60 days or more. That means that many more children than can fit in the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum are known to potentially be at risk but no one has come to their aid.

Clarence Carter, the Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, was hired by Governor Brewer nearly three years ago to fix a system that was flawed back then. Sadly, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Now it’s time to hold Governor Brewer accountable.

Children’s Action Alliance delivered this letter to Governor Brewer this afternoon urging her to set up an independent crisis team of child welfare experts to manage the immediate emergency and to restructure operations for the coming months. 

Please join us in our call to Governor Brewer and send an email today demanding that she take action and implement solutions.

(please note this campaign is only available for Arizona residents).

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6 Responses to “TAKE ACTION: Tell Governor Brewer to REALLY Fix CPS”

  1. Melissa says:

    Please help protect the children of Arizona

  2. Michelle G Fletcher says:

    Gov. Brewer, this is NOT acceptable! As citizens of the this community who are forced to pay taxes for protective services of our most vulnerable, you are obligated to fulfill your promise. For you to even be unaware for this situation that has become so out of hand, is horrendous service.

    I was a great advocate of yours, up until now. You must act quickly, and radically to confront this gross negligence that has occurred under you name. Please do the right thing and take immediate action by first of all firing Carter, and second revamping the whole CPS system that is clearly filled with irresponsible management.

    Michelle G. Fletcher
    Tempe, AZ

  3. Jo Vredenburg says:

    Dear Governor Brewer, As a retired NYS, Onondaga County Department of Social Srevices employee I personally understand many of the problems facing CPS. However, it is time to hold the Director and staff accountable for this current situation. I am sure burnout and being understaffed are two large factors in this very broken system. People in the CPS positions need to be rotated into other positions after years in these positions in order to have “fresh” eyes and minds dealing with these cases. Many workers dealing with these very sad situations become emotionally and mentally exhausted as well as cynical after years in these positions. It is not going to change until there is adequate funding, and a critical and accountable look at all employees that are a part of this very broken system.

  4. vickie pittman says:

    Governor Brewer if CPS would stop running low maintenance cases in circles and put more time to the cases that has “fallen” through the cracks you would see a major increase of happier families.How do I know this? Because I am one of those families. I am recently divorced from my childrens father he is SMI and is verbally mentally and emotionally abusive.I do not do drugs I never have nor do I drink or run around not taking care of my children. But they were removed in July. I have done everything CPS has asked me to do and they have me running in circles. I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are also Native American this system needs to be fixed. Cases like mine need to be released from the system and that time and resources be given to the 6k cases that need the attention. I love my girls and have never hurt them. I want my family back so we can start over. Thank you for listening.
    Vickie Pittman

  5. Leona Pannabecker says:

    As a mandated reporter, I am frustrated to hear that while I go through the very difficult job of reporting, and helping others I work with to report, it appears many of our reports are going unanswered. Children and families are in many tough situations, and deserve to not only have the situation investigated, but to be offered support to find a path that works for them. Removal is not necessarily the best answer, because it is a source of trauma for young children. CPS workers have the hardest job I can think of, and they deserve to be well- funded, well- supported, and to have manageable case loads. These lie with you and the legislature. Please support our families and take care of our children by working with those of us in the community who are mandated reporters to make this system work and do what it was intended to do – provide support and protection to some of our most vulnerable populations.

  6. David legg says:

    Stop spending funds in court on parents who do what cps asks them and then go to serverance of parents rights only Sever the rights of parents that don’t do what cps asks make cps follow the law Dependency trail paper work in the law says has to be in parents hands 24hours after filed cps doesn’t follow that they call you about 24hours before the trail and tell you I have four kids three got bruses one I don’t know how it happened one was from a pool and one I could not see and a Police officer could not see the doc that cps took my kid to said it might have been caused by pinching still fighting for my kids 18months later and have done everything cps has asked

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