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2013 Advocacy Alerts

Tell Governor Brewer to REALLY Fix CPS (Novermber 22, 2013)

The public found out in November that 6,000 calls for help to Child Protective Services went uninvestigated. 

Children’s Action Alliance delivered this letter to Governor Brewer urging her to set up an independent crisis team of child welfare experts to manage the immediate emergency and to restructure operations for the coming months. 

278 people responded to the alert and expressed their concern about the situation CPS with Governor Brewer.


Ask Your Congressperson to End the Shutdown Today! (October 8, 2013)

Result: WIN

The federal government was shutdown for more than two weeks, because some demanded ending or delaying Obamacare or  major fiscal changes to Social Security and Medicare. We asked that Congress pass a “clean” C.R. so that the government could reopen.

107 people responded to the alert and asked their Representative in Congress to pass a “clean” C.R.. That’s essentially what happened on October 16, 2013.

FY14 Budget Thanks (June 19, 2013)

The Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Brewer signed a budget bill that includes funding for abused and neglected children. A bipartisan majority of state lawmakers gave attention to critical issues for Arizona’s children and families this legislative session such as Child Protective Services, K-12 Education and healthcare. 

107 people sent a message of thanks to the Governor and their State Representative if that Representative voted for the Governor’s budget. Thanks for your help in getting a budget that works for Arizona’s families.

 Oppose the FY14 House Budget Plan (June 6, 2013)

Result: WIN

The House budget eliminated $9 million in CPS funding from the Senate budget and fell short of the minimum needed for child safety. Right now, this budget proposal is defeated and hopefully it stays that way. The proposed House budget and the $4 million missing for children’s support services, the $4 million missing for child care and the $1 million missing for stipends for grandparents raising their grandkids, it is clear that more abused and neglected children would end up in foster care and stay there longer if this budget were revived and passed. Arizona already has a record number of more than 14,300 children in foster care with a system so overwhelmed that thousands of cases remain open for months on end while children are in danger.

Thank you to the 211 people who responded to this alert and helped give the majority of the legislature the courage to not bring this budget to a vote.

 National Day of Action for Early Childhood! (June 5, 2013)

39 people emailed President Obama with a message to let his Administration know that they are at the ready to take action for early childhood.

President Obama’s Early Education plan proposes a blueprint to improve early education and school success. See how Arizona would fare under the plan.

The plan is a multipronged approach to open high quality preschool to all 4 year-olds in low and moderate income families, build new partnerships between Early Head Start and child care providers, expand voluntary home visiting, and increase resources for child care. States would be able to design and operate their own programs with federal financial assistance based on state investments and standards.

 Thank you for your vote on SB 1483 (May 17, 2013)

CAA asked people to send a thank you message to the Arizona Senators who passed a budget plan that includes critical funding for abused and neglected children. These increases include:

  • $4 million for Children Support Services. The original legislation did not include any increase for Children Support Services. (CAA called for $10 million.)
  • $4 million for Child Care. The original legislation provided an increase of $5 million; the amendment brings the increase to $9 million. (CAA supported the Governor’s plan which included $9 million.)
  • $1 million for Grandparents Stipend. This provides the funding needed to support a monthly $75 stipend for qualified grandparents raising their grandchildren. (CAA called for $1 million.)
  • Other changes increased parity funding for the universities and added $4.5 million to the Department of Education’s budget for adult education.

96 people have sent their thanks through email.

Take Action NOW on the Senate Budget Plan (May 15, 2013)

Result: WIN

The Arizona Senate released their FY14 budget proposal, an $8.8 billion spending plan on May 15th and received a final vote two days later.

The Senate budget introduced had much of the funding for CPS, that CAA had long called for, including the additional caseworkers and legal staff and increased caseload for foster care and adoption subsidies. The plan also funded a 10% general foster care rate increase, creates a new line item to keep children safely in their homes, and sets aside contingency funds for CPS and child care needs.

57 people emailed their Senator asking them to address the following items with amendments to the budget bill:

  • Grandparent Stipends
  • Children Support Services
  • CPS staff salaries 
  • Emergency/Residential Placements

Governor Brewer’s Budget Proposal – Minimum Needed for Child Safety (April 30, 2013)

Result: WIN

The surge in children suffering from neglect and the number of children in foster care has created glaring gaps in Arizona’s child safety system. New funding is needed to expand the system’s capacity.

The Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2014 is the minimum needed for child safety. The Senate recently passed a budget that fell slightly short of the Governor’s proposal for CPS, but amendments added to the final budget significantly improved upon the introduced Senate version.

Now the House will vote on the budget and with your help we hope to see the budget the Senate passed also passed in the House or improved upon and passed.

The final result of this campaign will be determined in the next week or so as the budget gets voted on in the House. 

This particular alert so far, has contributed to a largely successful campaign to get a budget the adequately funds the Department of Child Protective Services. Still, we hope to see improvements made in the coming weeks and will keep you up to date on any progress in this area.

238 people responded to this alert.

Help Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren (April 22, 2013)

Result: WIN

SB 1090, which has already passed the Senate, and now has been appropriated $1 million in the Senate budget will effectively become law if the Senate budget, as it stands, is passed by the House and is signed by the Governor.

160 people asked their Representatives to support SB1090 and pass it if it came up for a vote in the House. 

SB 1090 provides a monthly $75 stipend to eligible grandparents and great-grandparents raising their grandchildren who have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level and are not receiving foster care payments or TANF cash assistance. This small stiped can make a big difference for grandfamilies who are facing unique challenges to raise a child in their retirement years. Many grandfamiles have been cut off from any financial assistance since the 2010 budget cuts, so SB 1090 would restore much needed funding.

 Keep up the Momentum for SB 1090 (March 18, 2013)

Result: WIN

After passing the Senate SB 1090 was heard and passed in the House Committee on Reform and Human Services. It’s next step was to be heard in the House Committee on Appropriations. This alert asked community members living in a district of a member of the House Committee on Appropriations to contact that Representative and ask them to vote in favor of this bill that would help Arizona’s grandfamilies. The bill passed unanimously in the Committee.

30 people from the District’s of the House Appropriations Committee sent their Representative an email asking them to support this important bill.

Ask Your Senators to Vote for SB 1090 (February 15, 2013)

Result: WIN

SB 1090 passed the Senate with only one Senator voting in opposition

SB 1090 provides a monthly $75 stipend to eligible grandparents and great-grandparents raising their grandchildren who have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level and are not receiving foster care payments or TANF cash assistance.

74 people sent their Senator an email asking them to support this important bill.

Thank Your Legislators for Fast Tracking Some CPS Funding (February 5, 2013)

The House and the Senate unanimously passed an emergency appropriation to add 50 Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworkers, supervisors and support staff before June 30th. Within two days of being introduced in the House, HB 2502 was voted on, passed and signed into law by Governor Brewer.

In addition to adding 50 CPS workers, the legislation also requires the Department of Economic Security to report monthly on several accountability measures including the number of new and closed cases, worker caseloads, and detailed information regarding expenditures.

88 people took a few minutes and sent an email of appreciation to their legislators.

Help Grandparents Raising Their Grandkids (February 1, 2013)

Result: WIN

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted unanimously to pass SB 1090. SB 1090 provides a monthly $75 stipend to eligible grandparents and great-grandparents raising their grandchildren who have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level and are not receiving foster care payments or TANF cash assistance.

34 people from the District’s of the Senate Appropriations Committee sent their Senator an email asking them to support this important bill.

– See more at: http://azchildren.org/take-action#sthash.WJNGfjqH.dpuf