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Thank You to Southern AZ Legislative Candidates for Joining Us on Education Issues

Tuc seminar 5We continued our series of seminars on education issues in Tucson on Friday, October 7, with a good showing from legislative candidates interested in learning about issues affecting K-12 education in Arizona.

We have a lot of work to do to improve our public schools: proper funding for materials, teacher pay and safe classrooms. We want to thank the following office-seekers for taking time out of their busy campaign schedules to participate and ask thoughtful questions about public policy in education, particularly that districts have the resources necessary to provide a safe and competitive learning environment for Arizona children: Jaime Alvarez, (Senate, LD 4); Wenona Benally (House, LD 7); David Bradley (Senate, LD 10); Todd Clodfelter (House, LD 10); Andrea Dalessandro (Senate, LD 2); Kirsten Engel (House, LD 10); Randy Friese (House, LD 9); Ana Henderson (House, LD 9); Daniel Hernandez (House, LD 2); Mike Holmes (House, LD 14); Shelley Kais (Senate; LD 2); Stephanie Mach (House, LD 10); Barbara McGuire (Senate, LD 8); Randall Phelps (Senate, LD 10); and Pamela Powers Hannley (House, LD 9).

Thanks also goes to Colleen Niccum, vice president of education policy at Southern Arizona Leadership Council for serving as a voice for the business community on education.

The forum was sponsored by AZ Schools Now, a collaboration of organizations representing parents, children, educators, the faith community and the business community.

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