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The New School Year Has Begun: Help Ensure AZ Public Schools Get the Support They Need

In just 90 days, a group of volunteers called Save Our Schools Arizona collected more than 111,000 petition signatures to put a hold on the expansion of Arizona’s school voucher program (called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts) that would divert millions of tax dollars from public to religious and other private schools, giving Arizona voters an opportunity to decide whether to keep the legislation when they go to the polls in November 2018.

Proponents of school vouchers, with funding from out-of-state special interest groups, have already filed at least two lawsuits trying to get the thousands of signatures these volunteers gathered from Arizonans across the state thrown-out on technicalities. While this works its way through the legal process, you can still demonstrate your support for public education in Arizona by signing the Strong Schools Pledge.

With the Strong Schools Pledge, individuals, organizations and businesses can tell the Governor, the legislature, and all those running for office that we support a strong, vibrant Arizona economy by:

  • Increasing revenue for our public schools to create sustained and dedicated funding to expand and stabilize our workforce of qualified teachers, provide critical tools for classrooms, and repair and maintain school facilities,
  • Repealing the taxpayer-funded ESA voucher expansion because Arizona cannot afford to fund two education systems: one public, one private.

Sign the pledge today.

See what we mean when we say the $1.1 billion deficit that has not been restored to our public schools since the Great Recession.

More information is available on ESA vouchers in our policy brief.


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