A Voice For Arizona�s Children For More Than 25 Years

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Arizona Organizations, Your Support is Needed to Reinstate KidsCare

Cloud 5 January 21, 2016 As you know, the Cover Kids Coalition is supporting efforts to unfreeze the KidsCare program in Arizona, currently the only state in the country without a Children�s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). A recent study by Georgetown University and Children�s Action Alliance found more than 160,000 Arizona children do not have health coverage, the second highest rate of uninsured kids in the nation. Read more

State Revenues Are Up, and So Are State Funding Needs

STATE GENERAL FUND APPROPRIATIONS January 15, 2016 Last October, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee staff released new revenue estimates that project Arizona will have a $650 million cash balance by the end of fiscal year 2017.  They cautioned, however, that only about $250 million is likely to be ongoing revenues.   Policymakers should be cautious about dedicating more than the $250 million to tax cuts or ongoing spending increases. Read more

**Location Change** Join Us for an Interactive Discussion on Juvenile Justice and Effective Fiscal Policy

canstockphoto26699950 January 13, 2016 In the past several years, juvenile crime rates in Arizona have dropped, thanks in part to community-based prevention and diversion programs offered in local jurisdictions. New state policies, however, could have a dramatic impact on how these services are offered by requiring counties to pay for incarcerating youth in state juvenile correctional facilities. Read more

What to Look for in Gov. Ducey�s State Budget Proposal 

January 11, 2016 Today, Governor Ducey will deliver his State of the State address, laying out his priorities for 2016. Later this week he will present his budget proposal to the legislature and to the people of the state. This proposal becomes a starting point for public discussion and legislative consideration and negotiation before the new fiscal year begins in July. Read more

It�s Time to Lift the Temporary Freeze on KidsCare Health Coverage

Cloud 3 January 7, 2016 A new study by  Children�s Action Alliance and Georgetown University�s Health Policy Institute finds 160,000 Arizona kids still don�t have health coverage, ranking Arizona second worst in the nation. Most of the uninsured children live in low-income working families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and struggle to afford a comprehensive plan under Obamacare, even with financial help.This is the same segment of the population that, before 2010, could get coverage through KidsCare. Read more