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What You Need to Know About the State Budget

canstockphoto27175786We continue to await detailed proposals from both chambers of the legislature, as negotiating the FY 2017 budget once again goes on behind closed doors. From the numbers we have seen so far, the proposals from Senate president Biggs and House Speaker Gowan include reduced funding for public schools and a yet-to-be-named PERMANENT tax cut of $30 million, funds that are desperately needed for districts struggling to keep experienced teachers and classrooms using outdated technology and texbooks.

Also missing from the budget is unfreezing KidsCare, which will add $0 to the state budget, since costs are offset by 100% federal funding. KidsCare enables working families to buy low-cost health coverage for their children.

More of what you need to know is outlined in this infographic. Stay tuned as we watch lawmakers closely and share what further information we are able to glean with all our stakeholders.

2 Responses to “What You Need to Know About the State Budget”

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Tank this failure and redirect the revenue to where it might do some good.


  2. Rob-N Rouge says:

    Regarding Arizona tax cuts and the budget, how come nobody addresses Kansas? Read about the failures there caused by like-minded Republicans:…/gop-must-answer-for-what-it-did-to……/kansas-bankrupt……/the-great-kansas-tea……/sam_brownback_gutted_kansas_how…/

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