Medical worker hugging a child


Health is fundamental to family and community well-being.

A child’s health status is shaped by their physical and economic environment. Health impacts a child’s odds of success well into their future. Poor health in childhood means more missed days of school and lower educational attainment and may also contribute to financial hardship and other family stressors. Not all Arizonans have equal access to the tools and resources needed to be well. We work to create an Arizona where every child can access the quality, affordable, culturally responsive health care they need when they need it.


Arizona has the fourth highest rate of uninsured children in the United States and DC.


The number of children enrolled in KidsCare. CAA took the lead on restoring Arizona’s CHIP, KidsCare, after it was frozen during the Great Recession.


Fewer than half of children participating in Medicaid (AHCCCS) saw their dentist in 2018. In addition to securing access to health coverage throughout Arizona, we are committed to increasing the utilization of preventive oral health services and promoting quality care.


Fewer than half of adolescents in Arizona enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP had a well visit in 2019.

2022 Priorities

We will work to ensure all families have access to quality health care. Our legislative priorities focusing on health are to:

  1. Extend postpartum Medicaid coverage to 12 months (currently 60 days)
  2. Comprehensive adult dental coverage through Medicaid (currently emergency only for most adult populations, and capped at $1000 annually)
  3. Streamline Young Adult Transitional Insurance (YATI) reenrollment for former foster youth
  4. Waive the Medicaid five-year residency requirement for otherwise eligible pregnant people and kids who are lawfully present immigrants AND reimburse for their care at a higher rate.
  5. Provide 12-month continuous enrollment for children participating in Medicaid or KidsCare (cover them for 12 months without having to renew, even if family income changes)
  6. Get rid of the 3-month wait period for KidsCare enrollment
Graduate Jeanna and her two children

It’s for working families who need help. I cannot imagine where we would be without KidsCare.”

Jeanna (center) with her two children

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