News you can use: CAA Priority Bills

Arizona’s state legislative session is in full swing. So far this session 1625 Bills, Memorials and Resolutions have been introduced for consideration.  Each year, Children’s Action Alliance selects bills a dozen or so bills that we give our top priority. They are introduced by both Republicans and Democrats and from all parts of the state. Some are bills we support, others we oppose. They cover a range of topics that impact children from birth until they reach adulthood. Our priorities are chosen based on several factors including (but not limited to) whether they align to our previously published Legislative Agenda, what we believe might actually gain traction, the potential outcome or impact and most importantly- what the community and the evidence tell us is best for children.  These are by no means the only proposals we are working on. We just think they reflect an overall snapshot of what we think will help us reach our goal of an Arizona where all children and families thrive.  At the end of the session, we will score lawmakers on whether their priorities aligned to ours.  

Check out our bill tracking here.

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